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Albino Penis Envy, or “APE” for short, is a cultivated variety of Psilicybe cubensis. 

APE is a pale-capped sub-variety of Penis Envy, reputedly one of the most powerful varieties of P. cubensis. Although this rare strain can be difficult to grow, it is popular among those entheogen users who can get it.

This strain is known to be potent. Its effects have been described as being very visual with a lot of euphoria and deep thoughts. “Flashbacks,” in which the effects suddenly reassert themselves long after the mushrooms have left the user’s system, are possible.

Effects include: a distorted sense of reality; visual/auditory hallucinations (or both); euphoria; spiritual experiences; nervousness; paranoia; panic.

The physical effects include: widened pupils; elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature; drowsiness; headaches; weakness or poor coordination (or both); nausea; and (very rarely) convulsions. Again, not everybody has all of the symptoms



9 reviews for Albino Penis Envy

  1. Kaiden Gilbert

    I had an amazing experience with this product. The happiness I felt and appreciation cannot be expressed in words.

  2. John Roberts

    Fantastic product- has completely changed my winter blues. Thank you.

  3. Jasper Williams

    Amazing quality very potent. Worth the money I understand why they are always sold out fast. Pure bliss one with everything from 1.3 g

  4. Braxton Ortiz

    Such a intense high, will always love this strain

  5. Brantley Young

    The Albino P/E are always a fav!!!

  6. Samantha Gibson

    Amazing quality very potent. Easily one of if not the strongest strain I’ve ever had. Kicks in very quick, don’t need much to become one with everything. They are worth the price you’ll understand why they are always sold out quickly.

  7. Sofia Barrett

    What an experience! Very potent and profound visuals. Reduced my alcohol cravings. Brought me out of some of my depression. These are Little Miracles for sure ~

  8. Harvey Gibson

    Ordered 14g’s back on December 23rd, 2022. On January 7th, 2023 I had 2g’s and my wife had 1g cause of how reviews said to go easy on it, given how strong and potent these mushrooms could be. At 2g’s I had a overall neutral functioning high, where I could do basically anything while feeling fantastic. Wife enjoyed it, in her words it was a pleasant and calming experience. January 20th, 2023 I decided to eat all 11g’s and see how it was.. and it was truly a adventurous/mystical day I will never forget. I even prepared a list of things to do during this experience and did none of it, but still had a goddamn blast. I will order more again in the future! Still processing everything that happened, but everything looks good so far.

  9. Jayce Turner

    The best strain for deep trips

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