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11 reviews for Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom

  1. Eric Horton

    Pretty potent stuff. I definitely had a very powerful and transformative experience with just a couple of grams. Full disclosure I also took a few grams of golden teachers on the trip too. Good fun overall if you’re somewhat level-headed, but be ready for a trip!

  2. Ashley Mccarty

    I had an amazing experience with this product. The happiness I felt and appreciation cannot be expressed in words.

  3. Amy Mills

    The most potent mushroom i’ve tried so far the best one. The journey was colourful and bliss.

  4. Journey Wood

    I took these mushrooms a few times at varying doses and each time I felt agitated and discontent with myself. The only way to alleviate this feeling was to do something beneficial like cooking or cleaning my apartment. Negative trips with positive outcomes would be the best way I could describe it.

  5. Scarlett Johnston

    Definitely not for beginners without having an experienced user with you. Recommend being outside on a nice evening feels like another dimension, conversation becomes fluid after initial wave.

  6. Sandra Long

    Very intense, took 3.5 grams and I saw myself lying on the couch 😂

  7. Rafael Mccarty

    Very potent. Visuals! Fast acting!

  8. Juan Gibson

    This is the first time I have ordered Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom
    and I am very happy with them!

  9. Harmony Taylor

    Very potent strain. You’ll enter another dimension with these.

  10. Harper Harrison

    Love this strain! Keep coming back for more

  11. Adam Gutierrez

    Very good product one if not strongest I’ve had if you looking for great visual while watching movies or just looking at anywhere in nature. Depending on your tolerance and experience i’duse caution on the amount taken. 2-3 g even for a regular user might feel too much or just perfect. Great product and services as always on here! Thanks

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