Ecuadorian Magic Mushroom

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10 reviews for Ecuadorian Magic Mushroom

  1. Camilla Garcia

    Worth the extra money!

  2. Romeo Newman

    Definitely a different trip, but very fun.

  3. Camille Tyler

    Incroyable l’aventure qu’un 3.5 m’a procurer

  4. Milo Davis

    Great experience!

  5. Alexa Mitchell

    Better than average potency and helps with my Lyme symptoms.

  6. Ezra Hanson

    Works good

  7. Gianna Taylor

    All things mushrooms. Definitely worth a stop when in the historic little town of Kennett Square. Staff was delightful, too.

  8. Emerson Anderson

    Great stuff. Nice and potent!

  9. Edgar Bates

    ok, extreme caution required for these shrooms, more potent than anything in my personal experience. I normally have been eating 4-7 grams of anything else that i’ve tried, so i figured that 2 grams would be ok for me and 1 gram for my wife. I blended the APE with ginger/lemon tea. We both experienced ego death, and way beyond, we were time tripping and seemed to be jumping through realities like flipping the pages of a book, most intense experience of my 46 year old life. I really cannot recommend these to everyone, and if you do try them, introduce your body and mind to them 1/2 gram at a time, wait 3 hours and if you still feel the need( you won’t, trust me on that haha)take another 1/2 gram. Truly a transcendental experience, not too sure I want to repeat that again.

  10. Niko Johnston

    i took 1.42 grams at 7pm and now it’s 12:40am. my trip is almost done. it was the best trip ever. i felt the presence of some sort of beings and they made me feel so loved and welcomed, i can’t explain how good these beings made me feel, i also saw lots of patterns on the wall and floor and faces that were smiling,laughing and sticking their tongue at me loll. they answered some questions i had as well. thank you and thank you to shrooms world haha.

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