Great White Monster Mushroom

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The Great White Monster is a heavily sought-after strain among medicinal users for good reason. This cross between the Puerto Rican and the A-strain shroom has psilocybin as its main component which has a lot of scientific data behind it supporting its therapeutic claims. It offers great health benefits unavailable in other mushroom strains such as alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more.

This strain should not be taken lightly though as it has a potency that is higher than average. It will give you an incredible psychoactive experience with the hallucinogenic effects it brings to the table that gets stronger with increased dosage. It is also perfect for the outdoors as its mood-stabilizing and euphoric effects intensify your nature walks.

It is important to note that the size of the Great White Monster does not define its potency and hence, should be taken within the recommended dosage of 1 to 2.5 grams.



10 reviews for Great White Monster Mushroom

  1. Logan Perez

    Very good trips, very uplifting and not overwhelming

  2. Ronan Long

    These are lovely and not too intense. Just perfect and good vibes.

  3. Harvey Hoffman

    I will be buying again!

  4. Kinsley Schultz

    I was very happy with my purchase

  5. Amina James

    Awesome mushrooms great service

  6. Davis Fowler

    Very great potency

  7. Carson Rogers

    Had a blast on a 5gram dose, went to a star observatory and took off 12am came back to earth just in time to watch a beautiful sunset on a calm down. Will order once I finish my batch!

  8. Harmony Waters

    Powerful. Body high and great visuals and I don’t usually get much for visuals. Overwhelming love and peace washed over me. Some laughter. Have used these a couple times now and same result. 2.5g which is my regular dose. Ended with insight, clarity, peace and feeling of being blessed.

  9. Spencer Robinson

    Great white monster mushrooms were excellent. Will definitely order again. Good visuals in a dark room… i’d say they’re a close runner up to penis envy If you don’t want to spend that extra cash.

  10. Valerie Long

    I’ve bought theses 4 times now they’re my go to

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