Malabar Coast Magic Mushrooms

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8 reviews for Malabar Coast Magic Mushrooms

  1. Frances Ramos

    Our day at the beach was great. Lots of laughs in the waves.

  2. Everly Long

    Love these, smooth as pie with an incredible trip. Great visuals and no stomach issues whatsoever. Will buy again

  3. Ricardo Bates

    Great quality at a good price.

  4. Hayden Hughes

    Wife’s favorite. Not a retrospective one in our experience. Just laughs upon laughs upon laughs until you guys hurt. I enjoy these on a 1.6-2g trip when I usually do 2.5 of others.
    Wife gets visuals, I do not. I do get amazing patterns and music is very multidimensional with Malabar. This is a great fun introductory I have found.

  5. Charlie Gross

    My buddy took 7 grams and I think he was not that high. I say that because last time he called himself an ambulance lol

  6. Gael Gutierrez

    Excellent service and great product, will buy again!

  7. Elliott Tyler

    Very giggly happy colorful high

  8. Lyla Richardson

    So I took 7 grams after drinking a lot. They came in so hard and fast. I dropped my phone in my cup of water. Kicked the hole cup over. Found my phone. Went downstairs could not take my shoes off. My brain was 100% shut off. It felt like I was on a hard drug. Is the only way I could describe it. I have never done hard drugs. But eventually after I felt alright. And was so high. I hate the transition period to when I take too many shrooms and having to wait it out till your ok. And I never take 7 grams. The pieces were so small I kept thinking. There is no way I took 7 grams. I was freaking out lol. Then after the fact. Then I was the lizard king.

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