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While Treasure Coast is used to describe the Atlantic Coast of Florida, our shrooms are not from there. Treasure Coast Mushrooms originated from the Southern Florida Gulf Coast and is a psilocybe cubensis strain, a species of psychedelic mushroom, that has psilocybin and psilocin as its main active elements.

The Treasure Coast high is described by most users as an experience that starts very strong and intense with feelings of an overall body buzz and a throbbing head. As the high advances, it starts to mellow down into a very chill and calm state that most users find worth going through the wild ride in the beginning for. This strain is highly potent and is also reported to give users more visuals than other shroom variants.

Patients dealing with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders may find relief in Treasure Coast’s effects of sensory distortions, hallucinations, creative flow of thoughts, and new perceptions of reality.



10 reviews for Treasure Coast Mushroom

  1. Armani Evans

    Haven’t tried them yet but I know they’ll be good

  2. Emerson Williams

    Really good product .

  3. Hayden Nelson

    priced well for the quality

  4. Owen Jackson

    Fun to do on a night out with friends.

  5. Henry Bailey

    Above and beyond

  6. Otto Watts

    Beautiful product!

  7. Alicia Cook

    Wow, can’t put into words what these made me see about myself and the world around me. I feel like I’ve found a new meaning to life!

  8. Elianna Gray

    Haven’t yet tried it but I’ve heard great things about your products from my friends. Looking forward to the experience!

  9. River Allen

    High quality and great confidence!

  10. Camille Hale

    A fantastic experience

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